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The MoneyReady App is a Canadian financial planning program developed by Elisabeth R.M Tillier, Ph.D.
Elisabeth is a retired Computational Biology Scientist and Professor.

The site was developed when she couldn't find easy to use, accurate and unbiased software to plan her finances.
So she studied and wrote her own. It became a passion for helping people reach their financial goals (and helping others to do the same).

The MoneyReady App she developed is easy to use, powerful and accurate and can be used by professionals and individuals. When she is not working on the site, Elisabeth is also following her passion for learning, by pursuing the PFP and CFA designations.

Yes. Once logged in, a user can add a spouse to their profile so that the spouse's finances will also be considered. A spouse does not need a separate subscription. Children are only considered for their financial implications on the parent or parents and cannot have accounts or investments (except RESPs), so that adult children would need a separate subscription to the MoneyReady App for their own financial planning.
Your data are stored securely in a database in the cloud. Security is our top priority, and we implement all the latest technologies to keep hackers out. But as we have seen in the news, websites and databases are hacked way too often.
We keep your data anonymous. We do not collect your real name (only the username you pick is used and it should be a nickname), address, or any account numbers.
The only identifiers we need are your email address, your birth date and your province.
Your email address is required so we can identify you as a real person and contact you with respect to your account on our site.
If your email address contains your real name, please consider creating or using a different email address for the MoneyReady App .
Your birth date and your province are required to estimate your taxes and pensions. For security, you can lie about your birth date, just keep it within 2-3 months to not lose accuracy.
Your Province/Territory is very important for tax calculations, so don't lie about that, but anything else can be made up. After all the MoneyReadApp is about exploring different scenarios.
Please pick a secure password that you do not use anywhere else for login in this site.
Please keep the data anonymous by not using actual bank account numbers and institutions in your data.
Having anonymized data means that even if the data were to be hacked, it would be useless to anyone.
Subscription payments are made through a reliable credit card payment provider (Stripe) and we do not store your credit card information.
We will not share your or your clients' data with anyone.
If an advisor created an account for you, that advisor will be able to see and edit your data if you give them permission. You should only share data with your advisor if they have a fiduciary duty to you. Please see their privacy policy.

Privacy Policy
The MoneyReady App is not a financial planner itself. It is a calculator that can be used to assess financial plans using its powerful iterative cash-flow engine, the TIME MACHINE. The MoneyReady App can answer even the toughest financial questions by considering a person's current and complete financial position, and future aspirations, fears, and goals. It takes all of the inputs for a financial scenario, and then crunches the cash-flows, and outputs a detailed financial picture calculated for every year. Running the TIME MACHINE is a very empowering exercise for people. They can immediately see the results of any financial decision, recommendation and assumption.
Video explaining the TIME MACHINE (3 minutes).
However, the TIME MACHINE only provides guidelines and ideas for creating a financial plan. It is not designed to predict the future. The results generated by this program are based on user estimates of many factors like rates of return, life expectancy, and inflation and important assumptions such as tax rates and government benefits. The results are only an illustration, and none of the information can be guaranteed.
In crunching the numbers we try to include the latest tax rules and regulations, both federally and for all provinces and territories. We avoid short-cuts and estimates as much as possible. Although accuracy is our aim, we do still need to make some assumptions and approximations, and we have not yet covered the entire Canadian tax code nor all available financial products. The TIME MACHINE does not verify the validity of transactions according to the CRA.
For more information please register and get the free eBook which explains all the features of the MoneyReady App .
The MoneyReady App allows you to take complete control over your finances. People usually think of financial planning in terms of the investments they chose, but you must also consider taxes, cash flow, debt, savings and drawdown strategies, rebalancing ... These factors can be much more important than investment performance. The MoneyReady App is for all Canadians, no matter their financial net worth, or their previous financial knowledge. It aims to educate people new to financial planning and to empower experts at it.

The MoneyReady App is simple to use.

You will learn by doing. You will be better aware of your current financial situation and be able to explore your financial goals. It will help you to learn what you need to know, and once you do, you will find setting up scenarios for the TIME MACHINE simulator easy and even fun!

The MoneyReady App is comprehensive and accurate.
It considers all of your finances together. There are many financial tools available that you can find all over the web: helping you to calculate how much to save for retirement or for university; to calculate mortgage amortization; to estimate taxes; to decide whether to rent or buy; etc. Unlike these one-off calculators and rules of thumb, the MoneyReady App considers any scenario in the context of all of your planned incomes, expenses, life events and priorities, together with any tax consequences, over your whole lifespan.

The MoneyReady App is unbiased.
Do you want to be a DIY investor, or employ a financial advisor? Do you want to be a real-estate investor? Do you want to invest in Bitcoin or trade currencies? Do you want to take a higher CPP later (and live on your investments in the meantime)? Do you want to stay in your defined benefit pension plan (rather than taking the commuted value)? Do you want to withdraw from your RRSP in low-income years? How about an annuity instead of an investment portfolio? These types of financial decisions need to take much more into account than what typical investment firms, focused on investment products, would consider. The MoneyReady App allows you to explore any possibility to determine what is most beneficial for you.

The MoneyReady App empowers both individuals and financial advisors.
The MoneyReadyApp is a professional-grade tool for financial planning that can be used by individuals because we provide the necessary learning. However, many people do not have the time or willingness to manage their finances themselves, and therefore seek assistance from a financial advisor. By using the MoneyReady App with an advisor, you will aid them in constructing and implementing a more comprehensive financial plan for you. Advisors benefit when their clients are informed in the process, providing all of the information needed for their financial plan. Working in partnership leads to better communication and increased trust, but clients can still use the MoneyReady App without an advisor, and advisors can still use the MoneyReady App with only minimal input from their clients.

The MoneyReady App has no ads, no sponsorships, no commissions, no kickbacks, no referrals. Any link we provide to other websites is because we truly believe that they provide information that can be useful to you. Our only source of income is your subscriptions, so that our only incentive is to provide a great tool that you will use.

Unsolicited comments from users:

  • "been on the hunt for financial planning software that is not tied to selling products. I like your concept." -user from Manitoba Sept 15, 2019

  • "what you have created here is a really impressive tool that enables the user to take so many factors into consideration in order to see whether their plan is going to work or not. I have looked at other tools and the MoneyReadyApp is the only one so far I am willing to pay for due to its completeness and comprehensiveness." -user from Ontario Oct 20, 2019

  • "The forecasts I get from my current financial advisor are pretty perfunctory in my opinion, and I like your system better! 😉" - another user from Manitoba Oct 20, 2019

Unsolicited reviews:

The MoneyReady App is free to try until you have run the MoneyReady App TIME MACHINE successfully 3 times.

This will allow you to take your time to gather and enter all the necessary data for a complete and accurate plan, and to explore all the functionality of the MoneyReady App. After this, a subscription is required. Subscriptions allow unlimited runs of the TIME MACHINE and will continue to update stock, ETF and mutual fund prices in your portfolios (optional).

The MoneyReady App has no ads, no sponsorships, no commissions, no kickbacks, and no referrals. There are no hidden or indirect costs. Our only source of income is your subscriptions so that our only incentive is to provide a great tool that you will use.

Individual subscription.

You can get a one-month trial subscription for $50.00 or a full one-year subscription for $150.00 (plus applicable taxes).
At the end of the one-month trial subscription, you can choose to extend the subscription for 11 months (12 months from your original subscription date) for $100.00 (plus applicable taxes).

Advisor subscription.

Advisor subscriptions also have the same free trial and the trial subscription option on their own account, so they can try out the app. They can add client accounts to their subscription and payment for a full year is required immediately for client accounts.

The cost for client accounts is $150.00 per year for the first 5 paid accounts (including your own). For each subsequent client added, this is reduced by $15. This means that the 15th client and up are free. This adds up to a maximum of $1425.00 per year (plus applicable taxes) for up to 300 accounts.

If an email address is provided for the client (this is optional), the client will also be able to login and add/view/edit their own data as if they had registered themselves.

Academic subscription.

Academic subscriptions are like Advisor subscriptions for journalists, bloggers and academics.
They will be allowed to manage a number of clients, to explore and compare scenarios for the aim of publishing to inform and educate Canadians on financial planning strategies.
Although their client accounts will be free, a regular paid subscription will still be required once the free trial ends.
If you are interested in an Academic subscription, please contact us for for an application.

Note for low-income seniors 65 and over:

TIME MACHINE runs will not count if it calculates a positive amount for GIS after the age of 71.

This means that a low income senior collecting GIS can stay on the free trial forever.

Advisors can add low-income senior clients for free.

Users who find a bug or error will get a month free added to their subscription.
Anything you like. The Time Machine results are available as an MS Excel spreadsheet or .csv and the graphs and inputs as pdf and Word format. In MS Office formats, they are entirely customizable. Advisors can add their logo, letterhead, other results, comments, advice, disclaimers and their signature. They can use their own templates, styles and themes and make the report all their own.