Welcome to the MoneyReady App Blog.

It is written by Elisabeth Tillier, Ph.D, head of Money-Ready.

I developed the MoneyReady App to provide all Canadians with the most comprehensive, accurate and affordable financial planning tool.

The app already comes with a free eBook I wrote with a concise overview of financial planning for Canadians and how to use the MoneyReady App to accomplish their financial planning goals. So why a blog?

For fun. I don't intend to post very much as I am already very busy with the MoneyReady App. But all I write all day is code and answering questions from users, sometimes I just need to write for fun. That's where it'll go.

The blog is meant for more extensive writing and studies we have done, but since the launch of the MoneyReady Forum I've mostly been writing there, so check it out for lots of information.