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Online powerful personal finance software for all Canadians, to manage your finances and to create and test your financial plans.

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A comprehensive eBook on financial planning in Canada is included and help throughout will have you running financial scenarios and creating your financial plan like a pro.

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What can the MoneyReady App be used for?

Planning your entire financial life.

Achieving financial independence.

Planning retirement, at any age.

Tracking, planning and rebalancing your investments.

Determining the best strategies for where to put money saved (pay down the mortgage, or fund RRSP, TFSA, buy an annuity?).

Planning to buy or sell a house, real estate investing.

Determining the best strategies to save for a home (FSHA, HBP, TFSA?).

Paying off loans.

Determining how much you can spend.

Determining the best strategies for account withdrawals in retirement.

Determining when to take CPP/QPP, OAS, private pension.

Tax planning. Federal and provincial taxes and many tax credits are considered.

Estate planning, Probate taxes

and more ...

How does the MoneyReady App work?

You will be guided through several input screens to enter your present and planned future incomes, real estate properties, loans, expenses, life insurance policies, your priorities for saving and withdrawals, your accounts and investments, their asset allocations and expected rates of growth at any time in the future.

Given the all the inputs, considered together, cash-flows will be calculated for every year in the future, including tax and government benefit calculations. We call this the TIME MACHINE. It is a comprehensive financial calculator.

You can edit your inputs and rerun the TIME MACHINE to see the effect on your finances under different scenarios to test, develop and optimise a financial plan.

The MoneyReady App is for individuals, advisors and academics.

  • Individuals can develop and optimize their own financial plans, test them, and stay nimble to changes in their life circumstances, market conditions and tax situation. It is ideal for people who want to have control of their financial life.
  • Financial advisors and financial planners can devise plans for or with their clients, and easily keep the clients in touch and the plans updated.
  • Academics, journalists, and bloggers, can explore financial scenarios and inform the public about the best strategies for their personal financial plans.

The MoneyReady App does not sell or advise on investments.

However we do track them to keep your portfolios updated automatically (optional, and at no extra cost). Values and distributions are updated daily for North American Stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Canadian Mutual Funds. Financial data provided by ©Fundata Canada Inc.

Import your accounts from Wealthica

You can also upload and update your accounts and investments from Wealthica logo WEALTHICA (optional, and at no extra cost).


The MoneyReady App allows you to take complete control over your finances. People usually think of financial planning in terms of the investments they choose, but you must also consider taxes, cash flow, debt, savings and drawdown strategies, rebalancing ... These factors can be much more important than investment performance. The MoneyReady App is for all Canadians, no matter their financial net worth, or their previous financial knowledge. It aims to educate people new to financial planning and to empower experts at it.

The app is comprehensive and versatile, but only asks what it needs to know given your situation. Like a spouse, it tries to finish your sentences, but it can't read your mind. It does ask for the inputs needed to make your plans accurate and compliant with current legislation. It does not make hidden assumptions. Therefore the app is only as complicated as is your financial situation.

You will learn by doing. You will be better aware of your current financial situation and be able to explore your financial goals. It will help you to learn what you need to know, and once you do, you will find setting up scenarios for the TIME MACHINE simulator easy and even fun!

Extensive help pages are provided throughout the site, and a free eBook is provided.

We are also happy to answer user questions.

Your data are stored securely in a database in the cloud. Security is our top priority, and we implement all the latest technologies to keep hackers out. But as we have seen in the news, websites and databases are hacked way too often. We keep your data anonymous. We do not collect your real name (only the username you pick is used and it should be a nickname), address, or any account numbers. The only identifiers we need are your email address, an approximate birth date and your province (for tax calculations). Having anonymized data means that even if the data were to be hacked, it would be useless to anyone. Subscription payments are made through a reliable credit card payment provider (Stripe) and we do not store your credit card information. We will not share your or your clients' data with anyone. If an advisor created an account for you, that advisor will be able to see and edit your data if you give them permission. Please see their privacy policy.

The MoneyReady App is not a financial planner itself. It is a calculator that can be used to assess financial plans using its powerful iterative cash-flow engine, the TIME MACHINE. The MoneyReady App can answer even the toughest financial questions by considering a person's current and complete financial position, and future aspirations, fears, and goals. It takes all of the inputs for a financial scenario, and then crunches the cash-flows, and outputs a detailed financial picture calculated for every year. Running the TIME MACHINE is a very empowering exercise for people. They can immediately see the results of any financial decision, recommendation and assumption. Video explaining the TIME MACHINE (3 minutes).

Smart Optimizers can determine for you your optimal spending, your optimal withdrawal strategy in retirement, and your optimal age to start CPP/QPP. Unlike other software that just apply rules-of-thumb that may not be appropriate to your situation, our optimizers do the math, and are accurate in any situation.

The MoneyReady App considers all of your finances together. There are many financial tools available that you can find all over the web: helping you to calculate how much to save for retirement or for university; to calculate mortgage amortization; to estimate taxes; to decide whether to rent or buy; etc. Unlike these one-off calculators and rules of thumb, the MoneyReady App considers any scenario in the context of all of your planned incomes, expenses, life events and priorities, together with any tax consequences, over your whole lifespan.

The MoneyReady App is a professional-grade tool for financial planning that can be used by individuals because we provide the necessary learning. However, many people do not have the time or willingness to manage their finances themselves, and therefore seek assistance from a financial advisor. If your advisor uses the the MoneyReady App you will aid them in constructing and implementing a more comprehensive financial plan for you. Advisors benefit when their clients are informed in the process, providing all of the information needed for their financial plan. Working in partnership leads to better communication and increased trust, but clients can still use the MoneyReady App without an advisor, and advisors can still use the MoneyReady App with only minimal input from their clients. We do not refer advisors or clients.

Included tools

Withdrawal optimizer output graph screenshot

Cash-flow calculators and optimizers


    Our comprehensive and accurate calculator can handle any scenario.

  2. CHOOSE YOUR LEGACY (subscription required)

    Finds how much you can spend or give away to not run out of money and leave a legacy of your choosing.

  3. The Withdrawal Optimizer (subscription required)

    Finds the smart approach to minimize taxes in retirement and maximize your legacy.

    It can also find your optimal age to start CPP.

  4. Parameter scans(subscription required)

    Runs the TIME MACHINE with modified sets of parameters you define in one go

  5. Stress testing and Monte carlo simulations(subscription required)

    Simulate changing financial market conditions.

  6. The Simple Retirement Calculator

    Just one input screen with basic information. It's limited and approximate, but quick and easy. You can use it at any time for anyone. Now available without registration

Cash-flow diagram

Extensive reports

Many interactive graphs

Detailed cash-flows, taxes and balance sheet for every year

Results shown in future or today's dollars

Excel and PDF downloads

Download a sample plan pdf file

Saved runs screenshot

Save and restore scenarios

Explore different financial planning scenarios

Save and compare the results

Restore a previous scenario so it can be run again with updated values.

Tax tool screenshot

Taxes and government benefits

Taxes and most credits calculated federally and for all provinces and territories.

RDSP and RESP grants and bonds are calculated.

OAS, GIS, CPP, QPP and survivor pensions are calculated.

Corporate taxes are calculated for CCPCs.

Alternative Minimum Tax (subscription required).

Account types screenshots


Can hold investments in any currency.

Advisor portfolios can easily be copied to client accounts.

Updated investment values (optional)

We update daily values and distributions for over 60,000 North American securities. Data are provided by ©Fundata Canada Inc.

This includes all Canadian and US stocks and ETFs, and all Canadian Mutual and Segregated funds.

Your distributions are updated every day in a downloadable table.

Wealthica logo WEALTHICA integration (optional).


U.S. Canada Cross Border Planning

For Canadian residents with some previous work history in the U.S.

IRAs (traditional and Roths). RMDs are considered.

U.S Social Security is calculated, including spousal benefits.

The U.S.-Canadian Social Security Agreement, WEP and GPO are considered.

Rebalancing screenshot

Account rebalancing and Portfolio Optimization (Subscription required)

For portfolios with fewer assets: our proprietary rebalancing tool allows for mixed-allocation funds and ETFs. It considers fees and expected returns.

For portfolios with larger number of assets: rebalance and optimize using Modern Portfolio Theory to maximize return and minimize volatility.

Rebalancing and optimization can be calculated over multiple accounts.

Market simulation screenshot

Market simulator

Simulating changing financial market conditions.

Rates, yields, currency exchange rates can also be set for any year.

Stress test your entire financial plan.

Monte Carlo simulations (Subscription required).

Small business icon

Small Businesses

Investing through your private corporation.

Taking salary or dividends from your private corporation.

Corporate taxes are calculated for CCPCs.

Commuted value screenshot

Pensions and Annuities

Considering the commuted value of a private pension.

Considering annuities.

Pension income splitting is automatically calculated.

Amortization table screenshot


Term loans.

Lines of credit.

Credit cards.

Readvanceable mortgages.

Investment loans.

Smith Manoeuvre.

Prescribed rate loans to spouse.

Loans payable to you, your spouse or your CCPC.

Real estate types screenshot

Real estate

Principal residence.

Principal residence with rental.

Investment properties.

Recreational properties.

Change of use and the Capital Gains Exemption.

Home Buyer's Plan, FHSAs.


A context-dependent Help screen is available on every page.

Rapid email support. English and Français

Phone/video consultation available (year subscription required). English and Français

Extensive eBook.

Community Forum

Our documentation in extensive because you need to know how and why things are done. We now offer a search of the entire MoneyReady documentation using AI. Just ask your question and the AI will respond with an answer and the relevant links to the documentation pages. This is experimental, and login is required to use the feature. If you want a human to answer, contact us.

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The MoneyReady App has no ads, no sponsorships, no commissions, no kickbacks, and no referrals. There are no hidden or indirect costs. Our only source of income is your subscriptions so that our only incentive is to provide a great tool that you will use.

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  • Advisors have the same free and extended trial subscription options on their own account so they can try it out.
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  • Also for friends and family advisors.