Dear {{user.username}} and all MoneyReady App users,

A mix of user-suggested updates in the last month:

  1. Cryptocurrencies and Currencies.
    We now treat cryptocurrencies as investments. They can be updated from Wealthica, or they can be added manually. We update to latest prices using the CoinGecko API with a click of a button (no charge). Since they are treated as investments, they work quite well with the PORTFOLIO OPTIMIZER we introduced last month that analyses risk and return.
    Regular currency investments now also work with that tool.

  2. Spousal prescribed-rate investment loans.
    One of the few income-splitting opportunities left for Canadians is to lend money to their lower-income spouse to invest. When set up properly, investment returns will then be taxed at a lower rate. You can now set that up in LOANS.

  3. Loan modifications.
    You can now modify loans by setting a new payment between any two dates. This can be used to skip payments, or to plan to pay down an interest-only line of credit.

  4. Other Income.
    Other Income has been expanded to allow different tax treatments to allow income from trusts, companies you don't own, and other scenarios. It now allows non-taxable income, regular income (not earned), eligible dividends, non-eligible dividends and capital gains. Do not duplicate income already automatically considered by the app such as from your INVESTMENTS, your CCPC, and CPP/QPP/OAS.

I strongly encourage you to read the relevant sections of the updated eBook or the help pages for details on these features.

Your questions and feedback are always welcome.

Elisabeth Tillier, Ph.D.
Head of MoneyReady