Dear MoneyReady App users,

The Canada-U.S. border is reopening soon and I'm happy to announce some new features for Canadian residents that have worked in the U.S.
We've added support for IRAs, traditional and Roth IRAs, 401(k)s and similar accounts. You'll see this option when you add an ACCOUNT or import one from Wealthica.
We've added U.S. Social Security calculations. If you or your spouse had eligible earnings, check the box in your PROFILE and a new US SOCIAL SECURITY tab will be added on the left menu.
The MoneyReady App is for current Canadian residents and we assume there will no more contributions made to the accounts or to social security.
Please read the new sections of the eBook for details and all the caveats. Cross-border financial planning is tricky, so make sure to speak to an advisor knowledgeable in the area before changing country.

Other recent updates:
We've moved managing two-factor-authentication and your email address to the new PREFERENCES tab.
There you can also set the default TIME MACHINE view to today's or future dollars.
You can also set your preference for the display of negative currency amounts which will apply to tables throughout the app.

We've also made the Simple Retirement Calculator free without registration, it's available
That function is very limited but can be useful for very simple scenarios.
We've opened it up to generate more traffic and awareness, so please tell your friends!

Your questions and feedback are always welcome.

Elisabeth Tillier, Ph.D.
Head of MoneyReady