The MoneyReady App is free to try until you have run the MoneyReady App TIME MACHINE successfully 3 times.

This will allow you to take your time to gather and enter all the necessary data for a complete and accurate plan, and to explore all the functionality of the MoneyReady App TIME MACHINE.

After this, a subscription is required.

Subscriptions allow unlimited runs of the TIME MACHINE and our premium tools (WITHDRAWAL OPTIMIZER, CPP OPTIMIZER, CHOOSE YOUR LEGACY, ACCOUNT REBALANCING, and PORTFOLIO OPTIMIZATION). It will continue to update stock, ETF, and mutual fund prices in your portfolios using FUNDATA market data, and/or WEALTHICA.

The MoneyReady App has no ads, no sponsorships, no commissions, no kickbacks, and no referrals. There are no hidden or indirect costs. Our only source of income is your subscriptions so that our only incentive is to provide great tools that you will use.


Individual subscription.

You can get a one-month trial subscription for $60.00 or a full one-year subscription for $160.00 (plus applicable taxes).

At the end of the one-month trial subscription, you can choose to extend the subscription for 11 months (12 months from your original subscription date) for $110.00 (plus applicable taxes) if you renew within a month past your subscription expiring.

All yearly subscriptions are renewable for $110.00  plus taxes if renewed within a month past expiry.

Once you subscribe, you can tell us who referred you to the MoneyReadyApp. If that person subscribed or when they do, an additional month will be added to both your subscriptions. The more people that you refer, the more free months you can accumulate.

Friends and Family Advisor 5-packs (see below) will also be available to purchase when payment is required on your subscription.

Advisor subscription.

Advisor accounts also have the same free trial and the trial subscription option on their own account, but for client accounts opened by advisors, payment is required immediately.

Professional advisor subscription. You can prepay to add or renew unlimited clients for one year. The cost is $1,200.00 plus taxes per year.

Friends and Family Advisor 5-packs are also available for $390.00 plus tax. You can prepay to add or renew 5 clients for one year. Note that your own account will count in a 5-pack if not paid for or expired. If you need more clients, you can add individual clients for $160.00, add 5-packs, or switch to a yearly Professional advisor. Delete clients that you do not want to renew before purchasing a new 5-pack. Clients deleted after purchase will not increase the count of pre-paid clients.

Alternatively, you can pay as you go. The cost for client accounts is $160.00 per year for the first 10 paid accounts. Additional clients are free until the anniversary of the earliest paid client. It adds up to a maximum of $1,600.00 per year (plus applicable taxes) for unlimited clients.

Academic subscription.

Academic subscriptions are like Advisor subscriptions for journalists, bloggers and academics.

They will be allowed to manage several clients, to explore and compare scenarios for the aim of publishing to inform and educate Canadians on financial planning strategies.

Although their client accounts will be free, a regular paid subscription will still be required.

If you are interested in an Academic subscription, please contact us for an application.

Note for low-income seniors 65 and over:

TIME MACHINE runs will not count if it calculates a positive amount for GIS for all years after the age of 65.

This means that a low-income senior collecting GIS can stay on the free trial forever.

Advisors can add low-income senior clients for free.