Planning during uncertain times

Our world is changing at an alarming speed. Our lives and our way of life are threatened and our futures uncertain. Not knowing what will happen, to us, our families, our friends, our country and our world can be terrifying. The anxiety comes from the lack of control we have over the situation. Some are mourning the loss of loved-ones, and we are all mourning the loss of our previous plans that have been shattered or might be soon. How can we plan at a time like this?

However, isn't it always the case? Life is always uncertain, but we often act as if it is not. Don't get me wrong, optimism is a good thing; living in a constant state of anxiety is not healthy and defeatism becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The only certain thing is uncertainty, but people are highly adaptable. They rise to any challenge that presents itself.

You still have control. The whole world may have changed and will continue to, but you are still you. You can do this, you will get through it. You need to consider what you can control and what you can't. You need to consider what you know as fact and what you don't. Also know that you are not alone. The whole world is going through this along with you. You will find help and you will give help.