Dear MoneyReady App users,

A new chart suggested by a user that you might find useful is now included in the TIME MACHINE results. It shows your Incomes from all sources (salary, pensions, etc), separately from income from public pensions, and net withdrawals from tax-free, tax deferred, and non-registered accounts. This chart will also show up on old runs and saved runs, as long as they are not too old.

A checklist for advisors or other users coming from other financial planning software is now in the EXPENSES' "Help for this page” and in the corresponding section of the eBook. It shows how to set up the TIME MACHINE in a similar way as other software programs <b>that assume all money not explicitly saved before retirement is spent.

My new blog post on CPP and QPP dropout provisions explores differences between the two plans, and their impact on the size and timing of your public pension.
Mon nouvel article de blogue sur les clauses d’exclusion de la période de cotisation du RPC et du RRQ explore les différences entre les deux régimes et leurs effets sur le montant et le timing de votre rente.

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Elisabeth Tillier, Ph.D.

Head of MoneyReady