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To accomodate mostly pensions but also any other INCOMES, REVENUES, EXPENSES and AUTOMATIC SAVINGS/WITHDRAWALS that are indexed proportionaly to inflation, we' ve added a new parameter to fine tune indexing to inflation in the TIME MACHINE.

See the FAQ for (logged in) users: for details.

You can now specifify the months to add to the age you start/started taking the pensions. The CPP/QPP Optimizer will still only explore the starting dates on each of your birthdays after retirement.

From the 2023 Projection Assumption Guidelines:

"Making projections is critical to creating financial plans that help clients realize their long-term goals," says Julie Seberras, CFP®, MBA, FCSI and Chair of the FP Canada Standard Council™ Standards Panel. "The Projection Assumption Guidelines are a useful tool for planners to ensure their projections are based upon sound assumptions."  

The Guidelines are intended to be used when making long-term projections of 10 years or more, and they're meant to look beyond the current day rate environment. For shorter-term financial projections (less than 10 years), financial planners may use actual rates of return on fixed-term investments held to maturity and dividend yields on equities.  

The Projection Assumption Guidelines for 2023 are as follows: 

Inflation rate 

2.10 %

Return rates 



2.30 %

Fixed income 

3.20 %

Canadian equities 

6.20 %

Foreign developed market equities 

6.50 %

Emerging market equities 

7.40 %

YMPE or MPE growth rate 

3.10 %

Borrowing rate 

4.30 %


Note that these are all before fees.


To help with your expense planning, we've improved the presentation of the EXPENSES table.

You can now add a Subtype as well as a Type descriptions on expense entries to allow for more refined breakdown of expenses.

To make entering those expenses easier, there’s now a dropdown so you’ll be able to select for the Type from any previously entered types, or create a new type by typing it in. Same goes for the Subtype. 

Above the  EXPENSES table you’ll see buttons to group by date range (beg to end), by Type or by Subtype. The groups will have a subtotal in CAD and today’s dollars added to the table. The Type and Subtype groupings are still first grouped by date range (otherwise a subtotal makes no sense).

Below the table are additional graphs for the Type and Subtype groupings over time. These can be toggled to full screen by clicking on them. The graphs are also available in the pdf Report (for new runs). The Excel download EXPENSES tab of the TIME MACHINE results should show each  entry with its type and subtype.

Type and Subtype are completely optional, they are just separate tags, so not truly hierarchical, and if no types or subtypes are entered anywhere, these columns will not appear on the web, pdf, or Excel download.

We've tried to make this very generic to suit everyones needs to use as they like to set things up. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.


In most cases, if your province was set in your PROFILE to Québec, the default is you will be eligible for QPP. If set to another province, the default is you will be taking CPP. However there can be exceptions to that. For example if you lived and worked in another province, but choose to retire in Québec, then you will be eligible for CPP and not for QPP. For this reason, we allow you to select the other plan by checking the box in the input form. The province in your PROFILE will still determine where provincial taxes are payable.

We have implemented the changes for QPP that were announced in the March 21 2023 Québec budget to apply from Jan 1, 2024. Although these changes will require legislative and regulatory amendments and as of this writing on April 1 2023,  we have not yet seen the details of their implementation. We'll be monitoring closely and will make changes as necessary. 

Nous avons mis en œuvre les changements pour le RRQ qui ont été annoncés dans le budget du Québec du 21 mars 2023 et qui s'appliqueront à partir du 1er janvier 2024. Bien que ces changements nécessitent des modifications législatives et réglementaires et qu'à ce jour, le 1er avril 2023, nous n'ayons pas encore vu les détails de leur mise en œuvre, nous les surveillerons de près et apporterons les changements nécessaires.


There's a new calculator for OAS and GIS at

It's not complete as it wimps out if you don't have a full OAS pension (less than 40 year residency in Canada), but it works well if you do.

I'm excited about it because it's the first time I see any source code (the javascript is right there in the html source of the page) for calculations available for any calculations from the Canadian government. The US social security system has provided full source code for their calculations for many years.




I'm happy to announce the MoneyReady Forum!

As a registered user of the MoneyReady App, you are automatically registered for the Forum.

Logging in to the App will also log you into the Forum so you can post there. A forum username has been created for you that is separate from the app's username. You can change it in your forum profile.

I have pre-populated the forum with loads of information:

  1. The Questions/Answers (Q/A) board has been pre-populated with a curated set of questions that you have sent me. These are all attributed to the fake user "anonymous" for your privacy/security. If you recognize your words and want your forum username credited, just let me know. If a past question of yours is not there already and is still relevant, feel free to post it so others can benefit.
  2. The Feature requests board replaces our Votes capability. Post a reply to any feature to vote for it.
  3. The General forum is for providing useful resources, discussions, and more general questions on personal finance that you think would be useful or interesting to MoneyReady App users.
  4. There's an Announcements board for all our past and future announcements. This is read-only.
  5. There are 2 FAQS boards, one general (public) and a more specific one for logged-in users. These are also read-only. If you have any questions about the Announcements or the FAQs, you can post them in the Q/A.

Posting is free, however to prevent spam, all topics and posts from users without an active paid subscription to the MoneyReady App will be hidden from view until they are approved by a moderator. We aim to take less than 24 hours to approve posts. You will be notified by email once your post is approved.

Please read the Forum rules for all the details.

Looking forward to reading your posts!


Your comments and feedback are always appreciated.

The MoneyReady App was launched in the summer of 2019. Almost 4 years later, after answering many questions, getting great feedback, and having many discussions with users by email, I decided to start this community forum in March 2023 so that everyone can benefit from these discussions.

Because nobody likes an empty forum, meet user anonymous:
This is a fake user created to populate the forum with real questions that were sent by email to the MoneyReady App. Those emails and our responses have been curated to select the most common, interesting, and still relevant today. They have been edited for clarity and to remove any identifying information for privacy and security. Typos are all mine.

If you recognise your words because you are the original writer of a topic and want proper attribution, let me know so we can fix the attribution.

Welcome to the Money Ready Forum. Looking forward to reading your posts!

Now please go read the Rules before proceeding.


A new graph for the marginal tax rate has been added to the TIME MACHINE results.

For REVENUES, INCOMES, EXPENSES, and AUTOMATIC SAVINGS/WITHDRAWALS, you can now specify a currency (previously assumed to be CAD). LOANS, ACCOUNTS, and INVESTMENTS already had that feature.

A model for the USD/CAD exchange rate was added to the Market model for Monte Carlo simulations.

To accurately reflect your pension, we ask you the rate of exchange to CAD used by social security administration (SSA) to calculate WEP and GPO amounts from previously started non-covered pensions (they should have told you that). You can call the call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 to ask for the information you need.

For Canada, we cover listings on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) and Aequitas/Neo Exchange. For the USA, we cover listings on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the NYSE American exchange, the Nasdaq, and the OTC. We do not cover warrants or options. We do not cover the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). We cover most series of Canadian mutual funds, segregated funds, hedge funds, and closed-end funds. This market data is provided by Fundata Canada Inc. and updated nightly.

We update regular currencies nightly from the European Central Bank.

We update Cryptocurrencies nightly and on demand using CoinGecko.

For ACCOUNTS, INVESTMENTS and LOANS linked to Wealthica, values are updated from Wealthica on demand.

In programming, we have a saying, GIGO: Garbage In, Garbage Out. The Money-Ready App is built to provide you with accurate calculations, which requires accurate and complete data. We make it easy, but it can take some time to gather that data. Depending on how complicated your financial situation is, how detailed you want to be, and the depth of your financial knowledge, plan 15 to 45 minutes before your first TIME MACHINE run. Take your time to do it right and your patience will be rewarded. Financial planning is a skill that requires continuous learning and will last you a lifetime. 

We endeavour to have accurate calculations for Canadian taxes, rules, and benefits for all Canadian residents, however we cannot always include everything in the various Federal and Provincial legislations.

We endeavour to cover all financial products available to Canadians, however the complexity of some products cannot always be captured completely.

We point out these deficiencies when we know of them.

We do not and cannot guarantee the accuracy of anything in The Money-Ready App.

We are continually improving The Money-Ready App.

We welcome feedback so please suggest features that are not currently implemented.

We will work on implementing the most popular requests first.

To develop accurate financial plans the MoneyReady App requires some personal and financial information from you. Nothing is more important to the MoneyReady App than trust and protecting this data. Please see our Security Policy.

The MoneyReady App is not a financial planner itself. It is a calculator that can be used to assess financial plans using its powerful iterative cash-flow engine, the TIME MACHINE. The MoneyReady App can answer even the toughest financial questions by considering a person's current and complete financial position, and future aspirations, fears, and goals. It takes all of the inputs for a financial scenario, and then crunches the cash-flows, and outputs a detailed financial picture calculated for every year. Running the TIME MACHINE is a very empowering exercise for people. They can immediately see the results of any financial decision, recommendation and assumption.
Video explaining the TIME MACHINE (3 minutes).
However, the TIME MACHINE only provides guidelines and ideas for creating a financial plan. It is not designed to predict the future. The results generated by this program are based on user estimates of many factors like rates of return, life expectancy, and inflation and important assumptions such as tax rates and government benefits. The results are only an illustration, and none of the information can be guaranteed.
In crunching the numbers we try to include the latest tax rules and regulations, both federally and for all provinces and territories. We avoid short-cuts and estimates as much as possible. Although accuracy is our aim, we do still need to make some assumptions and approximations, and we have not yet covered the entire Canadian tax code nor all available financial products. The TIME MACHINE does not verify the validity of transactions according to the CRA.
For more information please register and get the free eBook which explains all the features of the MoneyReady App .

We do not recommend or sell investments.